Vinitaly 2023, the Famiglia Castagnedi presents its revolution in white

A Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC completes the family’s line of great whites, which for the occasion gets a completely new look with revolutionized labels and a philosophy that is increasingly attentive to the terroir

Verona, 2 April 2023A revolutionary Vinitaly 2023 for the Famiglia Castagnedi, which presents to the world its philosophy of excellence for the great whites of the area, announcing an important new entry – a Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC – and new premium labels ranging to embellish and harmonize the line of the four white gems of the Tenuta Sant’Antonio brand.
In line with the company philosophy that looks to the terroir and the enhancement of the crus, the Castagnedi family has in fact wanted to interpret its know-how on white wines this year with a new creation, a Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC that enchants with its freshness, citrus notes and full sip. Pinot Grigio in purity is an author’s signature that adds to the two iconic masterpieces of the Family: the Single Vineyard VIGNA Monte Ceriani and the selected Vecchie Vigne, two expressions that represent the best the territory can give and capable of reinterpreting the denomination Soave DOC with pride, passion and deep identity awareness. The line will be completed by Monte di Colognola, which this year will see its first harvest and will be available from 2024, crowning the project to enhance the most iconic expressions of the area.


Gamma Bianchi_Tenuta Sant'Antonio


To give shape to the turning point in white of the Castagnedi family, announced at Vinitaly 2023, new labels that go to shape the premium positioning of the products, in a coherent and iconic way. A design that represents the union and stylization of the volcanic soils owned, in which black volcanic soils are mixed with yellow sulphurous rocky areas, and gold to convey elegance. Different symbols to represent the peculiarities of each product and each single terroir distinguish the labels: the Quadrato for the new Pinot Grigio, stability and safety for a product recognized all over the world; the Triangle, to represent Monte di Colognola, a form of identity of the territory; the vertical line, Monte Ceriani, standard bearer of verticality and precision; the Circle, a complete and harmonious form for Vecchie Vigne.
“Our work over the years has led us, in this Vinitaly 2023, to announce to the world a new way of thinking about the whites of the Tenuta Sant’antonio brand. The entry of an internationally recognized product such as Pinot Grigio and the harmony of the new labels open up new ways to communicate the soul of our terroir all over the world, transmitting our terroir, our being, the purest interpretation of ‘volcanic and sulphurous essence of our hills, for wines always characterized by an essential factor for us: purity” – says Armando Castagnedi, manager of foreign markets and owner. “Our path aims to seek excellence, attention to detail such as the selection of individual parcels and woods for refinement, respect for the specificities and nuances of our crus that take shape in our prestigious Single Vineyards. We are convinced that this is the only way to go to make our enological imprint indelible, to give the territory its best representatives: where we were born, our dream is now evolving.”