Soave DOC, symbol of longevity and excellence: the Famiglia Castagnedi journey towards the iconicity of the great Veronese white continues

Soave Multiverso and Soave Seven are the showcases for another step towards the corporate white wine revolution, which aims to tell the most intimate identity of the terroir through excellent work on the crus

Gamma Bianchi Tenuta SantAntonio

Verona, 13 September 2023Soave is terroir, Soave is longevity, Soave is excellence. This is the message forcefully launched by Famiglia Castagnedi – Tenuta Sant’Antonio in two exclusive events, which contributed to describing the Denomination in its most intimate character: 2 and 3 September,in the courtyard of the Palazzo del Capitano in Soave, it was the turn of Soave Multiverso, the event wanted by the Soave Consortium to tell the best interpretations of Soave, while the 11 September at Eataly Verona, with the presence of the entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti and Massimo Zanichelli, it was held Soave Seven, promoted by the Strada del Vino Soave Association to compare new and old vintages, at least 7 years after the harvest.

Taking the opportunity to talk about all the qualitative and evolutionary potential of this territory, in Soave Seven Famiglia Castagnedi – Tenuta Sant’Antonio wanted to amaze by bringing a bottle that has now become legendary: the Soave DOC Vecchie Vigne 2016 and the gem 2011. A wine that tells the story of the company, narrates the evolution of an extraordinary product and redefines the standards of Soave: “With Vecchie Vigne we sign our interpretation of the denomination, demonstrating how longevity, verticality and complexity can and must be part of the DNA of Soave to be able to convey its characteristics of excellence” – he claims Tiziano Castagnedi, owner together with the brothers of Famiglia Castagnedi – Tenuta Sant’Antonio.

Through these two events, Soave therefore proves itself to be a wine with a potential for sophistication in style that it ranks among the most important Italian and international white wines, in terms of credibility and technique. There are three decisive elements: the soil volcanic and sulphurous, extremely mineral from Eastern Verona, which gives the Soave of Tenuta Sant’Antonio a marked verticality that can only be found in the small plot of land of Monte Ceriani. The grape variety, the Garganega from vines which, in the case of Soave DOC Vecchie Vigne, reach well over 60 years of age, capable of giving depth, duration and a kaleidoscope of perfumes. Last but not least, the iconicity of work in the cellar, capable of making the style that Tenuta Sant’Antonio imprints on every single label immediately recognisable, because only by enhancing the unique characteristics of each vineyard is it possible to transfer the nuances of its exceptionality to the world.

A further piece of the blank revolution that the Famiglia Castagnedi is carrying out in 2023, presenting to the world its philosophy for the great whites of the territory, focusing on qualitative excellence and the valorisation of the specificities of the terroir and crus of the Estate.

New premium labels they now embellish a line that makes up the mosaic of the interpretation of the territory given by the Family:i Soave DOC Single Vineyard VINEYARD Monte Ceriani and the selected Vecchie Vigne, which will be joined in 2024 by Monte di Colognola, in addition to Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC, which entered this year to complete all facets of the innovative, authentic and iconic character of the company.

“These two great events have allowed us to tell the world our deepest interpretation of the Soave terroir, our search for excellence and the attention to every single detail aimed at enhancing the individual parcels, convinced and aware that it is the only way to enhance a product capable of surprising”– conclude Tiziano Castagnedi. “Vecchie Vigne 2016 and 2011 are proof of this: Soave can and must earn a place in the front row among the great international labels, demonstrating longevity, complexity and contemporaneity. The responsibility is now in the hands of us producers: if we manage to work every day in the direction of excellence we will be able to make ourselves ambassadors of a memorable identity that will conquer the whole world.”