The Famiglia Castagnedi grows with the enhancement of the Terroir and strengthens its expansion into international markets

The Veronese reality consolidates its path of excellence, confirming the growth of 2021 thanks above all to its Single Vineyard labels

Colognola ai Colli (Verona), 2 March 2023 – The Famiglia Castagnedi, the Veronese company of excellence that owns the historic Tenuta Sant’Antonio brand, closes its 2022 financial statements by consolidating its growth path in Italy and in the world and continuing on the path of research excellence towards three keywords: purity, terroir and iconicity.

Famiglia Castagnedi_Da sx Paolo, Tiziano, Armando e Massimo Castagnedi (5) (1) (3)
Famiglia Castagnedi_Da sx Paolo, Tiziano, Armando e Massimo Castagnedi

The growth of wines ambassadors of the territory

Sales were driven by the iconic products of Tenuta Sant’Antonio, the Single Vineyard labels – Soave DOC VIGNA Monte Ceriani, Valpolicella DOC La Bandina, Amarone DOCG Campo dei Gigli and Amarone DOCG Riserva Lilium Est – ambassadors of the territories in their most clearly way, which achieved a double-digit increase in sales in the last year (+10%). An expansion which, at group level, has been accompanied by an increasingly solid international presence: distribution in over 45 countries for sales equal to 70% of total turnover, driven by Japan (+32%), Belgium (+26% ), Sweden (+11%), Switzerland (+8%) and Brazil (+7%). An expansion that has allowed the group to confirm the extraordinary results obtained last year, when the market had experienced a generalized post-pandemic euphoria, managing to improve further (+2% at the Famiglia Castagnedi group level).

The path to new goals

  • These results were possible thanks to managerial work on all development fronts.
  • First of all, there was a planned and analytical choice of multi-channel and diversification of sales channels, especially in Italy.
  • At the eCommerce level, the renovated owned shop grew by 105%, increasing the value of the territory thanks to the strengthening of the loyalty of an increasingly large community and an incentive to purchase exclusive labels.
  • A new figure dedicated to managing the presence of the SCAIA brand in large-scale distribution has been included, in order to position the brand in a rewarding manner.
  • The incoming projects have been accelerated and expanded from a premium and value point of view, thanks also to the participation in social responsibility projects in the area such as support for the Verona Arena Opera Festival through the 67 Colonne per l’Arena initiative .
  • In international markets, the pursuit of qualitative excellence has made it possible to obtain very important results, especially in more mature outlets such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, where the value of the enological and entrepreneurial project is more widely recognized.

Respect the territory, create value

The common thread that linked the interventions of the Famiglia Castagnedi was the pursuit of excellence, starting from the careful selection in the vineyard up to the utmost care of the peculiarities of the crus, passing through innovative practices that made it possible to get the most out of every single parcel .

The continuous development of the TÉLOS brand, synonymous with the wine of the future which in 2023 will see its first certified organic harvest, has also allowed the Family to find pioneering solutions capable of giving the labels authentic and iconic notes that only in calcareous and volcanic soils/ between Valpolicella and Soave can find their voice.

“In the last year we have worked a lot on the concept of terroir, making the most of our best crus and committing ourselves to restoring the purest and most intimate identity of the territory. For us, each vineyard tells a story, narrates a precise and specific past and looks to the future with different nuances: our labels want to address the world by transmitting this unique DNA, focusing on innovation and sustainability to respect every characteristic” – says Armando Castagnedi, owner together with the brothers of Tenuta Sant’Antonio. “Every aspect of our reality has been developed in this direction, intercepting international transformations that increasingly look to purity, verticality and iconicity and which allow us to be ambassadors of the excellence of our terroir.”