Grappa di Amarone


dei Gigli

From the pomace of the iconic Amarone Campo dei Gigli, aging and time grant a soft and pleasant grappa

The history of the territory, the art of Italian distillation

The history of the territory,

the art of Italian distillation

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After a careful selection of the grapes from our oldest vineyards, from the marc of Amarone Campo dei Gigli, a noble grappa with a penetrating aroma is distilled. With the traditional discontinuous bain-marie method, distillation takes place in small copper boilers. The result is a grappa rich in aroma, with a good body and a warm alcoholic presence. The reference to Amarone is felt in the velvety and aromatic notes of its bouquet. The refinement takes place in barrels of different types of wood for 10 or 12 months.



The loving procedure that begins with the careful selection of grapes from the oldest vineyards in the Held, continues with the careful and slow drying of the same, then submitting them with dedication to the careful vinification.



Through the traditional discontinuous method in a bain-marie in small copper boilers, the magical and alchemical distillation of the Amarone Campo dei Gigli grappa takes place, an intense pleasure for the palate then aged for 10-12 months in wood barrels of different essences. The vibrant energy of this grappa gives it a pleasant dry but round and soft character at the same time.

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