Famiglia Castagnedi Closes 2021 at + 23% and looks to sustainability

Tenuta Sant’Antonio is expanding: + 20% on 2019, + 10% the bottles produced by Castagnedi: profound evolution towards increasingly sustainable practices

Colognola ai Colli (Verona), 27 January 2022 – Growing in a sustainable way. This is the key to the Castagnedi family, an excellent wine producer in the Verona area, which includes historic and iconic brands of the Italian wine heritage: Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Télos and SCAIA.

In the uncertain global context marked by the pandemic, the Castagnedi family closed 2021 with + 23% on sales in 2020, a positive trend confirmed by + 20% on 2019, when the stability of the sector was considerably greater. A growth that accompanies the increase in hectares, now 150, and consequently in bottles produced: + 10% to 1.8 million.

The expansion involved all the Castagnedi family brands. In particular, the group of prestigious Amarones had a strong push compared to 2020, up also compared to 2019. The Télos brand, a true manifesto of sustainability, led the growth. Now a consolidated symbol of innovation and quality, Télos has shown how a wine without added sulphites, in organic and even vegan conversion can reach extraordinary levels of quality: + 26% on 2020, with sales led by Télos L’Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG.



The 2021 awards: quality as a guide for sustainable growth

Famiglia Castagnedi presents these results while maintaining the firm conviction of wanting to grow in a sustainable way, maintaining maximum quality in every single bottle. To testify to the excellence of production, 2021 also reserved great satisfaction for quality awards:

  • Amarone Lilium Est Riserva 2010, the spearhead, was recognized as the best Amarone in Italy and best wine in Veneto by Corriere della Sera, 97 James Suckling Points in its tasting dedicated to Veneto;
  • The Single Vineyard La Bandina Valpolicella Superiore, Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso, and Soave Vigna Monte Ceriani, have obtained extremely high scores from the most prestigious international critics;
  • The futuristic Télos brand has definitively established itself as the most authoritative representative of sustainable viticulture, without added sulphites and vegan;
  • The iconic SCAIA brand has conquered international markets, demonstrating how a wine accessible to all, with a modern and vibrant drinkability, can reach quality levels such as to be awarded by the most prestigious critics.


Towards increasingly sustainable practices

Results made possible thanks to a strategy that wanted to tackle the pandemic with investments in all areas, from logistics to the vineyard and cellar, in the name of efficiency and sustainability. New management systems in communication with warehouses, the implementation of new sustainable practices, the result of research and innovation, Industry 4.0 machinery: over 3 million euros invested for the three-year period 2021/2023, largely aimed at making operations always more efficient and less impactful.


“The results that we announce today reflect our work, our daily dedication, our will to be faithful to what we do best: producing wine. As the Castagnedi family we have embarked on a profound path of evolution of our reality that is leading us towards an increasingly sustainable approach “- says Armando Castagnedi, owner together with the brothers of Tenuta Sant’Antonio.” The next few years will be dedicated to embracing practices that are compatible with the environment and the community, because we believe that only in this way will we be able to We are particularly proud to see how our thoughts, our dreams and our experience have been transformed into concrete acknowledgments: we will continue to bottle the heart of the Castagnedi family. ”