On Sunday, March the 6th Tenuta Sant’Antonio participates in “L’Amarone incontra …”, national exhibition of the best Amarone wines, promoted by Arte&Vino Cultural Association in collaboration with the association Ais Emilia in the exclusive location of Palazzo Albergati in Bologna. It will be a time of promotion, training and conviviality and an occasion to toast with Amarone to Italian culinary excellences. From 10:30am to 7pm visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the tasting stalls with producers of Amarone and taste some gastronomic excellences; also it will be possible to take part into the two tasting workshops held by Maestro Roberto Gardini and Ms. Annalisa Barison, President of Ais Emilia. For more information: Cultural Association Arte&Vino, associazionearte-vino@gmail.com; marzia.associazioneartevino@gmail.com; Tel. 347 8022631

06/03/2016 from h:10:30 to h:12:30

Palazzo Albergati, Via Saragozza, Bologna, BO, Italia

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