AIS VENETO “300 x 100 Wine Experience”

On March the 5th, from 10.00am to 8.00pm, Tenuta Sant’Antonio participates in the event “300 x 100 Wine Experience” organized by AIS Veneto which will take place at Villa Emo Fanzolo of Vedelago (Treviso). The event aims to present to sommelier, trade, journalists and fans the best Venetian enology. The 100 invited companies were selected through tasting sessions that award prizes of Vinetia – Guide to the Wines of Veneto, which will be presented on this occasion. The event, which sees the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Veneto Region, the Union Camere Veneto, Treviso Province and the City of Vedelago, fits into the Wine Experience calendar of AIS Veneto, a series of open events for the public designed to tell the world of wine in a simple and addictive way. There will be also tastings of typical food of Treviso and the Veneto region: cheeses, meats, baked goods and pastries, not to mention the fish of the Venetian Lagoon. For the program of the event please visit

05/03/2016 from h:10:00 to h:20:00

Villa Emo, Via Stazione, Fanzolo, TV, Italia

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