Famiglia Castagnedi, a 2023 dedicated to excellence and harmony with the Terroir

From the organic harvest of TÉLOS to the work on the Single Vineyards and on the parcellation of the crus, the group works to look to the future of Valpolicella Orientale.

Famiglia Castagnedi Da sx Paolo, Massimo, Tiziano e Armando

The Famiglia Castagnedi, an excellent company from Verona, owner of the historic Tenuta Sant’Antonio brand, is preparing to close 2023 focused on quality and sustainability. These are the two guidelines that guided the group’s action, continuing a project path carried out with a medium-long term perspective which this year saw two important goals: the organic certification of the TÉLOS harvest and the 20th recognition of the Tre Bicchieri, confirming the group at the top of Italian enology.

TÉLOS, the goal has been achieved: from the 2023 harvest it will be organic

2023 was a crucial year for the Castagnedi family’s commitment to sustainability. TÉLOS, the pioneering brand of the group, will in fact be able to boast organic certification from the 2023 harvest, thus certifying the “ultimate goal” with which, already in 2011, this brand was born: to produce healthy wines in full harmony between man, the environment and community. The pride of the winery, the result of the most advanced innovation in all production sectors – from the vineyard to the cellar – will therefore be able to demonstrate that it has achieved its aim: to create a label without added sulphites, certified organic and also vegan which at the same time guarantees longevity , extreme cleanliness and adherence to the most intimate soul of the territory. The great success it is having on the markets, especially abroad, is proof of this: for example, Germany has seen an increase of around 30% compared to 2022, driven above all by TÉLOS “Il Bianco”, Switzerland now counts for around 35% of sales abroad and Japan, last year, came to represent 18% of exports.

The pursuit of excellence: the Single Vineyards marry cru and terroir

As regards the pursuit of excellence, the Family obtained the 20th Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso with the Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Campo dei Gigli 2018, an absolute icon of Tenuta Sant’Antonio, which thus testifies to the ability to evolve in an international drinkability while guaranteeing the maximum identity imprint in every bottle. The company philosophy has paid the utmost attention to the enhancement of the crus and the specifics of each terroir, to obtain bottles capable of expressing the verticality, minerality and graceful complexity that only the lands of Eastern Valpolicella can convey. The location in the area between Valpolicella and Soave, in fact, makes it possible to find new, authentic and modern expressions of the two Denominations, in line with the identifying and modern style that the Castagnedi family has always pursued. The 150 hectares of vineyards are thus parceled out following a tailor-made logic, to obtain unique products such as the Single Vineyard Tenuta Sant’Antonio: Soave DOC Single Vineyard VIGNA Monte Ceriani, Valpolicella Superiore DOC La Bandina and Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Campo dei Gigli.

“The work we are doing goes in the direction of enhancing the characteristics of a terroir, the volcanic-sulfur hills of Eastern Valpolicella and Soave, which we are sure will be able to establish itself in the world wine scene thanks to unique characteristics of verticality, complexity and modernity” – says Armando Castagnedi, owner together with his brothers of Tenuta Sant’Antonio. “With all our wines, from the Single Vineyard to the TÉLOS line, which from this harvest will be organic, we are setting up and giving substance to a qualitative project that will strengthen a logic of value: our philosophy in fact aims at an iconic and authentic, capable of reflecting the modern tastes of consumers while bringing the soul of our land into the glass. Only in this way will the development of our territory and the oenological footprint of Eastern Valpolicella be able to conquer its place among the world elite.”