TENUTA SANT’ANTONIO Amarone Antonio Castagnedi by Karen Mac Neil


Tenuta Sant’ Antonio’s amarone has layer upon layer of complex aromas and flavors, from sweet black figs and black licorice to wild herbs, sarsaparilla, and vanilla beans. Woven through these are the high soprano notes of a great balsamic vinegar and the complex bitters of an Italian amaro. But most of all, this estate is known for the finesse, balance, and cashmere texture of its amarones, the result of picking the grapes early (so the overall sugar level in the grapes is low) and making the wine only in the very best years. Founded in 1989 by the Castagnedi family (four brothers), Tenuta Sant’ Antonio is in the eastern part of Valpolicella, where the soils are interspersed with limestone. Campo dei Gigli (“Field of the Lilies”) is the estate’s most important vineyard, but this estate’s “Antonio Castagnedi” amarone dedicated to their father, Antonio, is stunning.